On this page you'll find a list of topics about which we're looking for some stories or "intel." If you or someone you know would be willing to speak "on the air" about any of these, please Contact Us.

(And we're always looking for people to sing, play, or reinterpret the nr2e theme song. You can do that by leaving us a voicemail or sending an audio file. (You can do both of those things from the Contact Us page as well.))


Have you had any odd or interesting encounters with the police?

Online Reviews

Have you ever written a really angry review, or a really glowing review? Do you write online reviews often? Do you read them and regard them?

Secret Lingo

Do you have any special words you only use for specific things at work, or when you're with a certain group of people? The more oddly specific, the better!


Do you have any special thoughts or memories about the Spock character? Did you ever see him as a role model or try to emulate him in any way?