Here's a list of all the episodes, stacked according to the law of superposition:

Hum As You Are

What does this famous blues singer really sound like? (And a cure for musical neurosis...) [Episode Page]

There's Not An App For That

The joys (and neuro-cognitive benefits) of dialing a rotary phone. [Episode Page]

I'm Not Sure I Understand

You just have to listen to this one. [Episode Page]

A Guy In A Box

We're going to miss toll booths. Really. [Episode Page]

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Wooden Heroes

Two teenagers are nearly devoured by Ayn Rand. They are saved in a most unlikely manner. [Episode Page]

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The Very Serious Recording

A little boy tries to record his favorite music, but his family won't let him. [Episode Page]

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Masters of Faster

You know when you fast-forward and it sounds like chipmunks? Well, some people listen to that all the time. And this one guy -- he's turned it into his life's work. [Episode Page]

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Song of the DV422

Are your appliances trying to tell you something? Something about music history? Or the dangers of politics and jealousy? [Episode Page]

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Wardrobe Function

Instead of studying weather and plate tectonics, two high school kids decide to study their Earth Science teacher's clothes. [Episode Page]

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